Results 2022

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Conference program.

Semiconductor Physics and Technology

First place: Yan Maidebura
Morphology of GaN Monolayers Grown on AlN Surface During Ammonia Flow Cycling

Second place: Timur Zalyalov
The Influence of the Dopant Concentration on the Ferroelectric Properties and the Trap Density in Hf0.5Zr0.5O2:La Films During Endurance Cycling

Third place: Nikita Lapekin 
Gas-Sensors for NO2 Detection Based on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanomaterials and Their Mixtures


Microwave Technology and Telecommunications

First place: Alexander Malyshev 
Nonlinear Approximation Algorithm for Object Trajectory Estimation in MLAT Systems

Second place: Alexandr Slobodyanenko 
Projection Method for Inverse Problem in Antenna Measurement

Third place: Ekaterina Lopukhova 
Gradient Boosting Algorithms Application for Beamsteering in V2X Systems


Mobile Systems and Telecommunications

First place: Elizaveta Grakhova​ 
Microstrip Emitter Design for Application in V2X Beamsteering Systems

Second place: Ivan Shorstkii  
Enhanced Microwave Absorption Bandwidth in Aluminium Encapsulated Iron Particles Fabricated with Magnetic Field of Rotating Permanent Magnets

Third place: Alexander Stenin 
Numerical Evaluation of the Channel Estimation in 5G NR Based on Machine Learning


Optoelectronic Devices and Systems: Physics, Electronics, Application

First place: Maxim Gaskov ​ 
Calibration and Demodulation for Signals in FBG-interrogator Based on Photonic Integrated Circuit

Second place: Konstantin Savinov 
Series of CPT Resonances with Multifrequency Pumping by a Diode Laser

Third place: Pavel Gembukh ​ 
The Semiconductor Power Supply for Copper Bromide Laser Excitation


Power Electronics and Power Engineering

First place: Ivan Alexandrov​ 
Per-Phase Output Current Control of 4-Leg Active Power Filter Based on Adaptive Notch Filter

Second place: Alexander Khusnutdinov
Investigation of Load Schedules of Electrical Machines of a Mining Enterprise Using Wavelet Analysis

Third place: Elizaveta Ivanova 
Transformation Benefits of Boiler Houses to Mini-CHPP in the Russian Federation Regions


Biomedical Electronics and Engineering

First place: Elena Milakhina​ 
Investigation of the Frequency Characteristics of a Cold Plasma Jet Excited by a Sinusoidal Voltage

Second place: Anastasia Cheremiskina
Detection of Viral Particles Using a Biosensor

Third place: Alexey Levin 
Wide Frequency Impedance Meter Analysis


Robotics, Mechatronics, and Automation

First place: Eduard Vinter 
Numerical Study of Magnetohydrodynamic Processes and Behaviour of Non-Conductive Disperse Particles in Molten Aluminium Within an Induction Channel Device

Second place: Vera Kachaeva 
Magnetorheological Spring as the Element of Vibration Reduction System of Dynamically Active Equipment and Pipelines

Third place: Artem Melnikov
Features of Installations for Pulse Materials Processing Design and Numerical Simulation


Software Engineering and Cyber-Physical Systems

First place: Vladimir Bondarchuk 
Towards Multi-User Mode in RIDE Web-IDE

Second place: Liliya Snitsar
Methodology for the Study of Defects in Technical Structures at Construction Sites

Third place: Aleksandr Kharchenko 
Towards E-Learning Support for Advanced PLCProgramming: Virtual Training Kit for a Sluice Controller with the poST Language


History and Prospects for the Informatics and Electronics Development in the Context of Humanitarian Problems of Society Solving 

First place: Ivan Pimenov ​ 
The Quantitative Evaluation of the Pathos to Ethos Ratio in Scientific Texts

Second place: Erchimen Gavriliev
Model and Procedure for Assessing the Qualification of a Software Developer

Third place: Evgeny Zavarzin ​ 
Connectivity Analysis for Measuring of DMN Activity