Results 2023

Conference program

Semiconductor Physics and Technology

First place: Dmitry Bilevich
Using Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing with Memory to Solve Layout Synthesis Problem for GaAs MMIC

Second place: Nikita Mantsurov
Nanostructure Formation from Polycrystalline Vanadium Dioxide Films Using an Atomic Force Microscope 

Third place: Snezhana Mantsurova
Temperature Influence on the Si(111) Surface Relief Evolution during Au Deposition


Radio Engineering Systems and Telecommunications

First place: Alexander Chugunov
Trajectory Filtering Algorithm in Multi-Position Passive Radars with Additional Flight Altitude Observation 

Second place: Natalya Kvashina 
Influence Analysis of Mismatch on Nonlinearity in Hybrid RC-DACs

Third place: Dias Khojikov
4-bit X-band Variable Gain Amplifier with Additional Steering Transistors  Based on 90 nm CMOS


New Approaches to Synchrotron Radiation Sources

First place: Lev Yurovskiy
Compression of the W-band Superradiant Pulse in the Process of Self-Induced Transperency Soliton Formation

Second place: Timofey Abramets
Synchronization Device of the Specialized Source of Synchrotron Radiation «Sibir-2» of the Kurchatov Institute

Third place: Anastasiia Glushak
Development of One-Coordinate Detector for Diffraction Experiments at a Synchrotron Radiation Beam


Cryogenic Electronics

First place: Alexander Samarin
Features of the Cryogenic Temperature Controller Development

Second place: Dmitry Volkhin
Cryogenic Low-Noise Amplifier 1-3GHz

Third place: Aleksey Alekseev
Cryogenically-Cooled Stabilized Power Factor Correction Rectifier for Future Aircraft Electrical Systems


Optoelectronic Devices and Systems: Physics, Electronics, Application

First place: Nikolai Laskavyi
Study of the Radiation Pattern of an Integrated-Fiber Optical Phased Steering System

Second place: Mikhail Kalinnikov
Stoichiometry Optimization in InGaN Epitaxy Towards Stimulated Emission in Near Infrared with Minimum Threshold

Third place: Pavel Gembukh ​ 
Semiconductor Excitation Power Supply for the Metal Halide Vapor Laser


Power Electronics and Power Engineering

First place: Stanislav Ponomarev
Development of a Recloser with Double-Sided Measurement Using Digital Combined Current and Voltage Sensors

Second place: Ilya Lukoshin
Device for Transmitting Signals over a Common Wireless Information and Energy Communication Channel

Third place: Sergey Mitrofanov
Analysis of the Natural Inflow Short-term Forecasting Models Efficiency to the HPP Site for the Day-ahead Based on Regression Methods and Machine Learning Methods


Biomedical Electronics and Engineering

First place: Dmitriy Poteryayev
Biosensors and Wearable Sensors Based on Graphene Composites for Lab-on-Skin

Second place: Andrew Shcherbachev
Application of Thermodilution for the Development of Hydrodynamic Stands Simulating Cardiac Activity

Third place: Liza Boeva
P300 Habituation within the Visual Stimulation Paradigm Based on Synchronous EEG and Eye Tracker Recordings: Pilot Study


Robotics, Mechatronics, and Automation

First place: Sergey Romadov
LMI-Based Approach for Non-Rigid System Control 

Second place: Anna Mizyukanova 
Parametric Identification under Incomplete a Priori Information 

Third place: Rustam Farahov
Development of an Educational Intellectual System for the Analysis of Polymer Materials in Additive Manufacturing


Software Engineering and Cyber-Physical Systems

First place: Anna Gnezdilova
Towards Controlled Natural Language for Event-Driven Temporal Requirements

Second place: Ivan Chernenko
Development of Verification Condition Generator for Process-Oriented Programs in PoST Language

Third place: Roman Gumalevskii
Parallel Solve Phase of a Direct Sparse Solver


History and Prospects for the Informatics and Electronics Development in the Context of Humanitarian Problems 

First place: Daria Kormich
Mobile Application as a Tool of Teaching Chinese Characters

Second place: Shanglong Huang
Application of Informatics and Electronics on a Linguistic Level for Handling Consubstantial Terms in Automatic Processing of Scientific Publications

Third place: Natalya Panova
Developing Emotional Intelligence: Approbation of a Coaching Program with Meditation Using Information and Communication Technologies