June 30 - July 4, 2021


2021 IEEE 22nd International Conference of Young Professionals in Electron Devices and Materials (EDM)


Irina Antonova

Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS

Straintronics of 2D Inorganic Materials

Alexey Frolov

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Machine Learning Methods in 5G/6G Wireless Networks

Vladimir Generalov

Federal State Research Institution State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology “Vector”

Indication of the Coronavirus Model by Nanowire Biosensors

Sergey Kharitonov

Novosibirsk State Technical University, NSTU

Antonio Luque

2021-2022 IEEE Region 8 Director

IEEE Today. How to Boost Your Career Through a Professional Organization

Alexander Milekhin

Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics

How to See the Invisible or Life Hacks for Near-Field Optical Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Nanostructures

Dmitry Palchunov

Sobolev Institute of Mathematics

Methodological Problems of Modeling the Interaction Between People and Digital Systems

Igor Punkov

Huawei Moscow Research Center

Actual Problems in Wireless and Fiber Communication

Alexander Savostyanov

Scientific Research Institute of Neuroscience & Medicine, Russia

Connection of Fundamental Linguistics and Philosophy of Language with Development of Information Technologies: Historical Analysis and Perspective Prognosis

Sergei Selishchev

National Research University of Electronic Technology

Puzzle for Implantable Artificial Kidney

Dmitry Shcherbakov

State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR

SARS-CoV-2, from Molecular Biology to Vaccines

Valeriy Vyatkin

Aalto University

Cyber-Physical Engineering Concepts in the Context of Industry 4.0

Conference Fees

IEEE Student/Graduate Student Member: 11 800 RUB
IEEE Member: 12 800 RUB
Non-IEEE Member: 16 000 RUB
Huawei Technologies, Co., Ltd.: included in the sponsorship pack
Second paper submission: 8 000 RUB

We are monitoring the situation with COVID-19. If unfavorable conditions arise, the conference will become virtual and the conference fees will be revised

Conference fee includes complimentary transfers from Novosibirsk to the conference venue and back, a participation kit, and all-inclusive accommodation. Taxes are included. The fees should be paid AFTER notification of full paper acceptance

As the number of participants of the conference is limited, Speakers (IEEE Student/Graduate Student Member, IEEE, and Non-IEEE Member) have priority over Visitors

Extras (additional payment required):

  • Additional page of the full paper (over 6 pages): 1 000 RUB
  • Full paper formatting: 400 RUB/page


  • The research was funded by RFBR (either an on-going or completed project) - 500 RUB
  • EDM 2020 Discount Certificate - 30%, 50%, 70%


  1. Information about RFBR funding must be specified in both the paper and conference online registration form. Remember that the digest is published as a detached paper with a unique title and its own funding information.
  2. The Discount Certificate can be used for a single submission and by its owner only (certificate owner should be a registrant). If one has two Discount Certificates, it is possible to use them both, but for different submissions, or leave one for the next year. The discount is applied to the final (total) conference fee.

NO-SHOW POLICY: Participants or delegates notified and approved by the conference organizers are expected to present the report on the paper topic personally in order for their paper to be considered for inclusion in the conference proceeding